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Brighton Hove and Albion, fondly known as the 'Seagulls', soared through the 2022-23 season with remarkable grit and determination. They battled fiercely, clinching memorable victories that etched their name high in the league table.

With the 2023-24 season on the horizon, the Seagulls are geared up to outstrip their fantastic performance from last year. Expectations are high, and every Brighton live stream will be pulsating with fervor, echoing the spirit of the Seagulls, their unwavering fans, and their undying love for the beautiful game.

Join us, and be a part of every exhilarating moment, every triumphant goal, and every heartfelt chant. Tune in for an unmissable Brighton Hove and Albion live stream experience that keeps you at the heart of the action, right from kickoff!